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About Us

Shenzhou Mechanical seal factory is a professional manufacturer of mechanical seals and various parts for Rotary screen printing machine, which has a convenient traffic , near to Shanghai international airport only 80km, we possesses standard workshop 3200Sqm and USD2,000,000 fixed asset.

Besides producing various mechanical seals used for pumps and chemical kettles as well as textile wet and finishing process machines; we are specialized on making various parts for Rotary screen printing machine, for example: Repeat gear, kandon type ball bearing, screen drive gearbox, color pump, magnetic rod nylon block.

Our products are already exported to several countries like Pakistan, Egypt, Turkey, Singapore etc.

We are proud of many years’ manufacturing experiences, excellent production and inspection equipments, advanced management system as well as good after-sale service.

Shenzhou mechanical seal factory is always contributing to provide higher quality products and more excellent services to all customers from the date of foundation.

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